Analysis of status quo of smart home standardization

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With the maturity of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence technologies, the smart home market has gradually matured. However, at present, most of the products in the smart home industry are fragmented and self-contained systems. Against the background of the ongoing expansion and deepening of the smart home system, The system can not cooperate with each other, there is no damage or update the needs of intelligent purchase of original equipment, resulting in the actual application of smart home products experience greatly reduced, the overall cost not go, smart to become a minority market.
The reasons for this phenomenon Xiaoming evaluation mainly summarized as two points: First, the manufacturers in their own protection or want a dominance, not open to the outside world, or restrictions on the opening interface, the smart home system interoperability set up obstacles; Second, the lack of a unified industry standards, even if the various systems provide an interface, but also can not be directly compatible, and ultimately can not form an industry effect, affecting the development of this smart home.
Status Quo of Overseas Smart Home Standards
At present, the international standards for smart home have not formed a complete system. There are many standards in different aspects such as home network, integrated wiring and communication technologies.
China's smart home standard status quo
Although smart home is not an emerging industry in China, it is still in the early stage of industry. Market consumption concepts have not yet taken shape. However, with the promotion of the smart home market in recent years, consumer awareness is slowly rising. In recent years, the emphasis of the country on the smart home industry has been raised. According to the "11th Five-Year Plan for Information Technology Development and Medium- and Long-Term Plan for 2020" promulgated by the Ministry of Information Industry, this article points out that based on the construction of an advanced national information infrastructure and promotion of the three Network integration needs, home network research and development and industrialization evolution, home network research and development in the industrialization of the information industry is one of thirteen major projects. At the beginning of 2012, the country has identified nine major industries, industries and informatization departments and development and reform commissions that have included smart home in the 12th Five-Year Plan. Ministry of Science and Technology has listed smart home as the mid-point of future high-tech development in China one.
In fact, as early as the national policy warming up, some domestic enterprises with forward-looking industries have already seen that smart home is the future development trend in the field of home furnishing, smart home technology research, standard-setting, industrial promotion and increased investment, Trying to occupy market opportunities before the scale of the industry. However, most companies rely on their own design of control systems, components and parts. There are some differences in the technologies, technical standards and cabling standards used in their products, which have led to their own fragmentation. breakthrough. Technically, the challenge of smart home construction is not equipment or actual problems, but standards and protocol issues, which directly hinder the interoperability of different devices. Therefore, standardization has become the only way to promote the development of China's smart home industry.
A unified system of technical standards for the development of the industry to provide norms and guidance, is conducive to the realization of product interoperability and industrial scale. In the context of a unified industry standard for smart home is not yet mature, the major manufacturers and related organizations to participate in smart home-related equipment interface standards and data transfer protocol development, has now withdrawn from some of the standards on smart home. A series of standardized formulation work will provide an open standardization platform for the development of China's smart home and indicate the correct development direction in the field of smart home research.


Smart home industry development status quo


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