China's smart home industry ecological combing

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Smart Home: The residential ecosystem, based on Internet of Things technology, consists of hardware (smart appliances, security control equipment, smart furniture, etc.), software systems, cloud computing platform consisting of home ecosystem, and through the collection and analysis of user behavior data for the user Provide personalized living services.
2017 China smart home industry ecological map
Hardware and software and technical support
The development of sensors, chips, materials and other hardware will promote the innovation of smart home products
Chip and other components dominated by foreign manufacturers, the domestic enterprises still need to continue to break the key technologies
In the fields of sensors and materials, there will be technological breakthroughs such as flexible screens and innovations in human-computer interaction mode
Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless communications 斱 have their own strengths and weaknesses, their respective vendors, the future of a more unified industry standards will gradually form communications
Machine learning, pattern recognition and other technologies to bring a variety of interactive modes, home products more intelligent
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other network communication technologies for the interconnection of smart home laid the foundation
Domestic enterprises to seize a new wave of technology, in the big data, voice recognition, cloud computing and other technology research into the industry leader
Artificial Intelligence and the development of Internet of Things technology to promote the smart home system, human-computer interaction mode will be controlled by the traditional people, to smart home products automatically sensed the direction of automatic feedback
Smart home manufacturers
Smart home products cover home entertainment, security, health care and many other scenes
Smart home products include a variety of scenarios that provide a more comfortable, convenient and energy-efficient, user-friendly home environment in multiple scenarios
Smart home products intercommunicate to form different systems, and gradually by the mobile phone control to voice control and other more natural human-computer interaction mode direction
Smart home manufacturers focus on user habits through smart home products, so as to promote the next step personalized services, precision marketing and other basis for the accumulation of data
Supply chain platform for smart home hardware startups to provide services
Start-up companies lack resources in the supply chain, supply chain platform to provide intelligent hardware supply chain as the core of the service to help start-ups to complete the creative to product changes
Conflicts between traditional suppliers and emerging start-up companies are overcapacity. Supply chain platforms launch O2O services to provide a bridge between suppliers and start-up companies
By providing services such as "hardware + software + cloud service" to the startup team, the supply chain platform creates a smart home hardware open platform taking the supply chain as the core and forms a smart home hardware ecosystem
Labor cost advantages gave birth to the development of domestic foundries, venture companies preferred to enter the market from the field of system integration
Smart home by the explosion of a single product to the smart home system development, system integrators dominate
Foundries still need to take advantage of labor costs, in the production process, through the upgrading of technology to provide refined, customized services
System integrators to weaken the weaknesses of hardware production, the use of technology to provide all kinds of solutions, but the variety of solutions in the market mixed, system integrators need to further strengthen the technical support capabilities




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