Smart home industry development status quo

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2014 was hailed as the first year of smart home, almost all the home appliance giants are for the deployment of field of intelligent home appliances, horse race. There have been three years of development so far, during which countless large enterprises and small companies entered this field and launched related products.
After three years of baptism, although China's smart home industry has gone through the concept of universal stage, China's smart home industry has gone through the concept of universal stage, but due to the slow development of the smart home industry has not been popular, most consumers said to listen Speaking of smart home.
According to the forward-looking monitoring, more than 85% of consumers said they heard of smart home, but do not know the smart home in the end include what equipment, to have what function. This is also the positioning of China's smart home industry embarrassment, since the introduction of the industry, there is no uniform standard that smart home to achieve what kind of demand, to provide consumers with what kind of service. This makes the consumer's perception has been in a more vague stage.
From many Chinese smart home promotion methods, the smart home industry is still in the stage of technology promotion, in all stages of sales are very focused on product technology, advanced interpretation, while ignoring the ease of use of the product. It is precisely the ease of use and practicality of the product will determine whether the industry will be rapid development.
So, it's futile to train every user or consumer through technology. For consumers, it is difficult for consumers to know exactly what the technology is and does not care about. What is more concerned about is the convenience that smart home devices can bring to themselves.
Smart home and consumer expectations
Consumers for the concept of smart home is still in the tangled and contradictory stage, the views of consumers of smart home is summarized as follows:
The attractiveness of a smart home is huge and the consumer's yearning for future life and publicity of the media are full. The domestic industry is also full of expectations, public opinion massive. For the domestic Internet companies, trying to subvert every traditional enterprise via the Internet, the home industry is no exception.
For home appliance companies, it has been a long time no exciting focus, and smart home is precisely such an opportunity. For investors, the money is never a problem, the problem is not a good project, the capacity of the smart home market so much, and even each of them almost unlimited space for imagination, so the capital is also flocking to.
On the contrary, consumers are quite dissatisfied with the current products. Firstly, the pace of development of smart home in China is slower than that of foreign countries. Second, the concept of smart home is huge. There are a large number of nodes in the design industry chain, numerous nodes, and any one of the conditions are not sufficient For the product experience and promotion are fatal blow. The development of the domestic smart home has always been in a very early stage, combined with some manufacturers in the new product name abuse of intelligence, caused some misleading the user, will have such a result.

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